Our Teachers

Our teachers believe in providing a holistic approach to their yoga. Learn about them and their individual practices below.



I love yoga because it makes me feel better every single time I get on the mat. It brings everything back into perspective and leaves me feeling energised, inspired and alive! It keeps me anchored, stable and has helped me look at the world with new eyes.

 Flow & Let Go Yoga
Hot Yoga Flow


I love yoga because as a multifaceted practice it's accessible to everyone in some form or another. On days that I'm feeling tired or run down I know that I can still practice, even if it's just sitting still for 10 minutes paying attention to my breath. 

Rise & Shine Morning Flow
Express Lunchtime Flow



I love Yoga because of how it makes me feel. It helps me to relax, releases stress and tension and allows me to be creative on my mat. 

Vinyasa Flow
Baby Yoga (Mother and Baby)


My practice is a fusion of a background in dance and a love of Vinyasa Yoga. I bring a fluid & creative approach to my classes, encouraging strength building and a connection to our bodies through continuous movement. Understanding the fragility but also the strength within each individual, I am passionate about exploring how movement can be used to help heal both our body and mind.  

Fri-Yay Vino Vinyasa
Beginners Yoga



I have been teaching yoga for 6 years although I have been practicing for many years. My practice deepened as I recovered slowly but surely from alcoholism. The asana practice, regular meditation and the study of Patanjali's Sutras have given me a gift for which I am eternally grateful.

Hot Yoga Flow
Ashtanga Basics
Vinyasa Flow


Yoga has positively transformed my health, body and attitude to life. I trained in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga in 2016 and I am also passionate about Nutrition and Wellbeing. My goal is to encourage students to experience the positive effects of connecting the mind and body in a warm and welcoming environment. 

Hip Opening
Rise and Shine



Originally I began my journey into yoga through meditation, mindfulness and learning how to relax, how to accept myself and how to become more aware and focussed. I work with the breath on combatting the monkey mind, staying focussed on the breath whilst in asanas, and using the breath for strength and also for calm. My hope is to facilitate my students' journeys of self discovery, self acceptance, strength, focus and clarity.


Yoga has changed my life. I love sharing everything I have learnt from the practice with my students. I have been fornunate to share my passion for yoga to students as far as New Zealand to Africa and right here in Edinburgh. 

I teach a yin & yang class and a morning flow class on a Tuesday and Sunday.



Yoga helped me to heal many injuries giving me insight and tools to help others. It has helped me manage stress while I was working as a journalist. It is still helping me to deal with quirks of motherhood and everyday challenges.  

I teach an Over 50's Yoga class helping build healthy bones, flexibility, strength and a sharp mind.



I love yoga for the way it makes me feel! I forget about my long list of to-do’s and I just move. Yoga has taught me to be much kinder to myself and others, on and off the mat.

I teach a Mother & Bay Yoga class and Pregnancy Yoga