7 ways to stay calm as a bride!

Ross and Igot married in Italy last month and our wedding weekend was truly the best 3 days of our lives. However, running our Yoga and Wellbeing business ‘Calm on Canning Street’, starting a new business at Old Kilmun House, planning a house refurbishment and planning a wedding in Italy for 150 people all in 6 months was fairly intense! Here are a few tips which helped me keep sane during the busiest time of our lives!

1. Divide and conquer!
You’ll need help! Write down a list of all the tasks and then allocate! Don’t try and do everything on your own, get your partner, your bridesmaids and anyone else who wants to help, to lend a hand!

2. Do the tasks little and often
Once you have the key aspects like the venue, the dress, the band and the photographer you can take a breather. We didn’t get into the detail until about 4 months before and then we chipped away every week at different tasks so we didn’t feel too overwhelmed as the time approached!

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff
I have friends who’ve spent hours on invites and wedding stationary, printing photos for the tables and devising play lists. We decided to keep things simple wherever we could. Instead of posted invites, we created a wedding website and emailed and whatsapped the details to our friends and family. It meant we could keep updating it and have a central place to direct people for info and it’s better for the environment!

4. Decide which bits are your priority, you don’t need to do everything!
We wanted to spend every penny on good food, wine and a band and knew our guests would appreciate that more than a bottle of lemonchello or a box of chocs as favours that they’d probably leave behind. Spend your money on the bits which are most important to you! Instead of a gift list we asked people to donate to our chosen charities.

5. Stick to your guns

There will be plenty of people who will tell you what they think of your plans and give you their opinion. It’s your day so decide which battles to fight! Some people questioned whether it was a good idea to have 8 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen, 6 flower girls and 2 page boys but we wanted our best friends to be involved and we loved having so many people involved, it made everything even more fun!

6. Do Yoga to keep you sane

Even though things were insanely busy in the run up, I continued with my yoga and mediation practices. More than ever, these things were essential in keeping me calm, grounded and focused and created a little bit of calm in between the madness.

7. Keep your perspective
Don’t succumb to the pressure! Remember it’s just a big party with the people you love so don’t lose perspective! People will never remember the tiny details you stressed over, they’ll just remember what the party was like!

We hope you have the best day ever!

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We hope we see you at the studio soon,

Love Katy x

The Calm Team