Running your own business - My top tips!

I can hardly believe that we opened Calm on Canning Street a year ago. In so many ways it feels like yesterday but at the same time it feels as if the studio has always existed and I’ve always been doing this.

A year in, I think it’s the perfect time to document my learnings and remind myself of the lessons but also in the hope it may be useful if you’re planning to start your own business.

So here’s my 7 top tips!

1. Take risks

You don’t know what you don’t know in your first year! You have to test things and not be afraid of making mistakes. I definitely spent money in the wrong places, spent time on the wrong things and tried things which didn’t work but the first 12 months are about getting under the skin of your business, getting to know your clients and learning and finessing along the way.

2. Don’t overthink things

So often we don’t take action as we’re waiting for the perfect time or opportunity or we question our own ability. Stop overthinking! Take the plunge, enjoy the process and remember that as long as you do it with heart, believe in what you’re doing and are authentic, then you’re doing the best you can. It all begins with the first step and whatever happens there will be invaluable lessons!

3. Connect, connect, connect

Get out, meet people, be visible, reach out to others, partner with as many people as possible. The most valuable thing I did when we first opened was go to lots of networking events and reach out to other business owners, yoga teachers and local people in the wellbeing industry. Your business will have synergies with so many others so collaborate and support each other. Rise together!

4. You have to hustle

The first year is tough and people won’t know you exist unless you get out there and work hard. You cannot sit back and wait for people to find you. Go door to door with leaflets, get in local magazines, drop leaflets at local cafes and shops and find out who and where your audience are so you can be there too. Be imaginative, find new ways for people to spend time with you and create a reason for people to come and visit.

5. Work with people you love.

I follow my gut when taking on new people at the studio. All the teachers are at the studio because I love their energy and I love them as a person. I believe they will deliver magic because I can see how they shine as a person. Our studio is a sacred space and everyone treats it, and each other, with love which means it radiates outwards.

6. Ask for help where you can

In the first year it’s easy to burn out and to feel a sense of overwhelm. I learnt early on that it would be impossible to do everything myself and that I needed to be more efficient with my time. Offer skill swaps, ask for advice on your social media channels, reach out and take up offers of help when they come to you. 

7. Don’t forget to say thank you to your team and your clients. 

Our amazing team and community are everything to us and without them our studio quite simply wouldn’t exist and certainly wouldn’t be as special as it is. Throughout this year, we’ve tried to make sure the people around us know how grateful we are for them. Without the people, we would be just an empty space with no heart so make sure everyone around you knows how important they are and how much they are loved and appreciated!


Thank you for an incredible year, we hope you’ve loved it as much as we have!

Love from Katy x