The 5 ways yoga can help heal a broken heart

5 ways yoga can help heal a broken heart

We’ve all spent time suffering from the crushing pain of heartbreak. During these times when it feels like nothing will dull the ache of our shattered hearts, yoga can be a powerful antidote. Here’s how:

Our yoga mat is a safe sanctuary

Our mat is a place of healing, a place where we can experience every aspect of emotion and never feel recrimination or judgement. It’s where we can allow the rawest part of ourselves to be revealed and still feel protected, held and supported. We can simply be.

It’s a place where we can release and let go

Instead of storing up negative or painful emotions, yoga allows us to release stale or stagnant feelings. The practice of yoga allows us time and stillness to process and reflect, often bringing up powerful emotions, but providing a safe place where we can let them go and leave them behind.

It gets us out of minds and into our bodies

Yoga refocuses our mind and directs our attention away from the internal chattering and back towards our bodies where we can feel a sense of connection and peace.

Yoga reminds us we are more than simply our minds and physical bodies

Yoga connects us to a power greater than ourselves and provides new perspective. It helps us access our inner strength and resilience and reminds us that we are part of something far more significant and longer lasting than our experiences in this life.

Yoga reminds us to focus on our breath and travel inwards

In focusing on our breath, we calm our nervous system, clear out the clatter from the external world and reconnect with our Prana and life force. It helps us anchor ourselves into the present moment and prevents our mind meandering over the past or worrying about the future.

It’s always challenging to recover from a broken heart but yoga provides an opportunity to ground and re-centre ourselves. It allows us to cultivate a sense of gratitude, peace and positivity helping us to build up faith and trust to open our hearts again. It truly is heartbreak medicine for the mind, body and soul and guides us towards the light during the darkest of days.