10 reasons to try yoga

10 reasons to try Yoga

Ever felt tempted to try yoga but nervous that you are too stiff and feel intimidated by all the images of the perfect poses you see online? Don’t worry you’re not alone!

Below we detail 10 reasons to try Yoga and why our Studio Calm on Canning Street will always make you feel at home.

1)    Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or ability there is a yoga practice that will suit you. From nurturing Yin yoga and Beginners Yoga to dynamic Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, there are endless options to choose from.

2)    Yoga focuses on the breath and helps us to move out of our busy minds and into the body. This simple practice of focusing on our breath to distract the mind from racing thoughts is amazing for improving mental health and overall wellbeing.

3)    Yoga is the ultimate ‘de-stresser’.  Research has shown that practicing yoga reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure and can help with depression and anxiety.

4)    Yoga improves flexibility, strength and immunity. You’ll find muscles you never knew you had and improve core strength and posture.

5)    Yoga sharpens your mental focus. By focusing on our breathing in yoga and repeatedly directing the mind back to the breath, we begin to train the mind consciously and take control of our chattering thoughts.

6)    Yoga helps with sleep and insomnia. Yoga works the body and calms the mind so you can look forward to a restful sleep afterwards.

7)    Yoga can help ease physical pains in the body including neck, back and joint pain. All yoga poses allow for modifications so you can make adjustments depending on your body and ability.

8)    Yoga helps improve balance and coordination and weekly repetition allows the body time to practice new postures and build strength in your feet, ankles and calves.

9)    Yoga helps you look at yourself and the world differently. When you start to understand and explore your body and mind through yoga, you begin to become more mindful, calm and grounded in all areas of your life.

10) Yoga is one of the few times you totally ‘unplug’ and do something to nurture yourself. No phone, children, TV or laptop. It’s a blissful hour per week which you can devote to yourself and your own wellbeing.

At Calm on Canning Street we believe that Yoga is medicine for mind, body and soul. Our classes are small, our teachers friendly and supportive and there is never any judgement or expectation in our classes. You will always get a warm welcome from our studio puppy Alfie who puts everyone at ease! We also have 3 wellbeing rooms at the studio where we offer massage, life coaching and nutrition and health coaching to ensure you’re nurtured from top to toe.

We care deeply about our community in and out of the studio. We have a number of community projects that we run from the studio and that we’re incredibly passionate about. Every Wednesday afternoon we offer the studio free of charge to charities and not for profits. We partner with FourSquare, the homeless charity who run their mindfulness clinics from the studio and also provide a free yoga class especially for Foster Carers.

Simply visit our timetable on the website, select and sign up to the class of your choice and come and visit us!

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The Calm Team