10 simple ways to find calm in every day life


In daily life it can be so challenging to find a sense of grounding and calm. We are constantly bombarded by pressures from our work life, our personal life and from the world around us. In an ever ‘busy’ world, how do we make sure we stay calm? Here are my top 6 tips.

1.     Take a regular yoga class! Yoga is one of the very few times every week we have an hour to ourselves. No phone, no distractions, nothing else but a precious hour for ourselves to focus on our body and breath. To allow our breath to be louder than our chattering mind and to check in with how we are feeling.

2.     In highly stressful times, the most powerful tool we have at our fingertips is our breath. Take deep breaths in and out, focus on the inhale and exhale and be still in the moment. Create space with every breath and continue mindful breathing until the anxiety, stress and worry feels controllable. If meditation seems daunting, download an app like ‘Headspace’ to guide you through simple meditation techniques.

3.     Be more mindful in everyday activities. Even in our commute to work we can become mindful which helps us stay anchored in the present. If we walk to work, feel our feet on the ground and really notice the world around us. If we drive, try not to go on autopilot, turn the radio off and use this time as an opportunity to check in.

4.     Get into nature. If you live in the city, it’s even more important to take time out at the weekend to walk in a park and be surrounded by green. There is scientific evidence that shows exposure to nature can reduce hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure), respiratory tract and cardiovascular illnesses, improve vitality and mood, and help reduce anxiety.

5.     Put down your phone. We could all do with spending less time on our phones and more time actually connecting with our friends and family. Be mindful of when you get caught in a scrolling frenzy and put down the phone. Comparison really is the death of joy and we benefit so much more when we are fully present in our own lives.

6.     Don’t be so hard on yourself! We are our own worst enemies when we get caught in a cycle of negative self talk. Let's give ourselves a break and pepper all this self criticism with some self love and realise just how fantastic we are.

I love using affirmations in times of stress – I am enough. Everything is going to be ok. I am held and supported. I am on the right path, in the right place and if it doesn’t all make sense right now, it will do soon. The universe never gives me anything that I can’t handle.

We'd love to see you at the studio, come and visit us soon! Take care and keep calm!

Kay x