Four reasons you should come along to a Women’s Circle

Have you been pondering going along to a Women’s Circle but still feeling a little nervous? You’re not alone! We believe there are a million reasons you should go but here are just a few of our favourite!

The chance to be heard

There is something magnificent about gathering with other women in a safe space and hearing each other speak. In everyday life, it can be so hard to find the time to talk about how we’re feeling, the struggles we’re moving through and how we’re hurting. In these circles we allow each other to speak honestly and openly. Often the very act of speaking our own truth is healing and cathartic and sets us free.


In our modern world, eye to eye, face to face and heart to heart connection is rare. We hide behind screens and rely on written word via messages rather than speaking out loud to each other. Humans crave connection and we are starved of it. Women’s Circles allow us to reconnect to each other and truly be seen by each other. We come together as strangers and leave feeling lifted, supported and energized by each other’s presence. 

To Feel Inspired

Women coming together is an ancient practice and has been done for millennia all over the world. It helps us connect back to our ancient wisdom, to the essence of our own womenhood and helps us tap into our inner source. By sharing stories, moving our bodies and through group meditation, we cultivate a space where we recognize our own potential. We create space where we can visualize our dreams and begin to manifest what we want to create in our lives. When women come together we feel united, powerful and capable of anything.

To step out of your comfort zone 

Most of us are hard-wired to crave safety. We want to feel safe and stable and comfortable with a familiar routine, surroundings and faces. It feels good to feel safe but it also doesn’t leave much room for growth. Our greatest learnings most often come during times we feel most vulnerable. If a women’s circle has been calling you but you feel nervous, trust your gut, take the leap and know that you’ll be held and welcomed in without judgment or expectation. Allow the magic to unfold!


At Calm on Canning Street we hold monthly Women’s Circles facilitated by Lynette Gray and Kate Coen. Our next circle is Saturday 20th5.30-8.30. Find out more here. We’d love to see you!