Our Yoga and Wellbeing Studio in Edinburgh



Our aim is to create a space where everyone feels at home. We bring absolute beginners, experienced yogis and everyone in-between together and are united by one purpose: to find a sense of calm. We believe in contributing to the local community and supporting others in need wherever we can.


In Sanscrit, Yoga literally mean union - to connect. We invite you into this space to connect to your body, breath and spirit. To experience connection to each other, the community around us and the wider world. We hope we help nurture your spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing and you always leave feeling better.


The sustainability of our planet and the health and happiness of our yoga community are our priority. We believe in making mindful decisions in the studio to ensure minimal impact. From the Eco yoga mats and sustainable yoga equipment to the organic handwash and free organic tea available after class, we try to do our bit wherever we can. 

Edinburgh Yoga Studio calm on canning street